Publications and working papers

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Publications & accepted papers

Leibel, E., Hallett, T., Bechky, B. (2018) Meaning at the source: the dynamics of field formation in institutional research. Academy of Management Annals, 12 (1): 154-177

Working Papers and projects

Leibel, E. 2018. “Institutional Customization: Geography, Meaning Making and Impact Investing Practices in the Slow Money Field” (Revising manuscript; Second round of data analysis)

Rottner, R. Ramaprasad, J. Leibel, E. Davis, B. 2018. “Rising tides: Community-based organizing for sustainable development” (First round R&R at Academy of Management Discoveries)

Leibel, E. 2018. “Linking meaning making and practice development in emerging fields: The case of Slow Money” (Manuscript in preparation)

Leibel, E. 2018. Understanding the relationship between the vocabulary of local investors and their ability to raise funds from the community—a field experiment approach (Grant received from the Kauffman Foundation. Data collection in progress)